December 2, 2009

Here are some easy Indian appetizers which you can prepare for your party.

1)      Aloo Bonda– These are deep fried potatoes balls made using mashed potatoes, gram flour, chopped onions, vegetable oil, red chilli powder, salt and turmeric powder.

Procedure– Take two potatoes. Boil them and mash them. Then mix them with one chopped onion, gram flour, turmeric powder, salt and red chilli powder (1/4 table spoon each).  Now make a ball of the whole mixture and deep fry it till it turns brown.

2)      Bread Pakoda– It is a deep fried bread coated in gram flour batter.
Procedure- Take a bowl and mix flours, baking soda, salt and chilli powder into it. Put enough water to make a smooth batter. Take 6-7 slices of bread and cut them into halves. Dip each half bread into the batter and then deep fry it. Take the bread piece out of the hot oil when it is golden brown. Repeat the whole process for other bread pieces.

3) Samosa- It is the most popular Indian appetizer. It is also quite popular in other countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. It is generally triangular in shape and is made up of potatoe, onion, pea and sometimes paneer. Traditional Samosa are vegetarian. However some cooks have also started using meat as a stuffing. It is served with tea and chutney.

Learn How to make samosa from here


Serving liquor in a party

December 1, 2009

If you wish to organize a party and you decide to serve alcohol, then how much should be served.  Should you serve 1 bottle per guest or 1 bottle per 4 guest or something other. The amount of liquor that should be served depends upon the duration of the party, nature of the party and the drinking habits of the guests. If you are organzing a drink party, that obviously you will need a lot more alcohol.


Before deciding the amount, give stress to your memory and try to recall the drinking habits of your guests. Do they drink heavily or in a moderate amount? What they like in drinks? Wine, whisky, vodka , beer or something else.  What else you will serve along with the liquor? People feel more thursty when they have spicy food. So avoid serving spicy food to reduce the consumption of alcohol. Avoid mixed drinks as they reuqire more liquor. Serve water, juice or some other liquid when guests arrive. This will quench their thurst and thus reduces the consumption of liquor. Shorten the duration of party to 3 hrs or less. Longer the event will run, higher will be the consumption of liquor. 1 bottle of liquor for every two guests (who are moderate drinkers) is enough.

How to plan a flash mob?

October 30, 2009

A flash mob is an event in which large number of people suddenly assembles at a pre decided location at a pre decided time. Perform some predefined action for a brief time and then quickly disperse. Such events are generally organized via internet. Flash mobs are effective only when something unique or better say bizarre is done; the event is not organized to promote a product or a brand and it is free to participate. Some successful flash mobs:

Flash Mob Victoria Station

Tate Modern Museum flash mob

and others like: Pillow Fight Flash mob, The Brides of March, Zombie Mob, Smile Mob, Frozen Grand Central, Santarchy, Belarusian Ice Cream Mob, ATM Applause Mob, Critical Mass

However flash mobs are not always admired by all. Here is one example:

$20,000 Pillow Fight May Lead to Flash Mob Ban in San Francisco

Anyways getting an idea for flash mob activity is not easy. It should be interesting, safe, fun and at the same time bizarre. Timing is very important part of this event. All the participants should turn up at the same time. Therefore give all your participants enough time to prepare. Flash mobs are most effective when organized in crowded areas during weekends. To get people to participate in your event, you can take the help of social media like,, etc.

Conference Planning

October 8, 2009

Organizing a conference can be a challenging task.  Before you plan out your conference you first need a team of talented people who are eager to share responsibility, are dependable, organized, qualified, experienced, can take their own decisions and can work in a team. These guys will be responsible for shaping the whole event.  Assign responsibility to each team member according to their skills and personality. For e.g. people who are good in PR (public relations) should be given the responsibility of getting sponsorship for the event. Avoid forming large teams. The problem with large or very large teams is that, it is difficult to manage them, to reach to a consensus. Getting everyone to agree on an issue become much more difficult when large numbers of people are the part of the decision making process.  The conference coordinator is responsible for conference planning , market research for the event and selecting and contracting a venue.  He is generally selected by the event team among their own members as an internal person or by the principal sponsor. The sponsor can also select someone who is not a part of the team as a coordinator. The conference coordinator has to deal with various issues related to production and procurement management. He has to make sure that there is no confusion or misunderstanding among team members about their roles. The best way to minimize job ambiguity is to create a written document that clearly define the role of each team members along with respective deadlines and then distribute them among the team.

How to automate your Event Management Services

October 7, 2009
  1. Use MS-Excel or MS-Access to organize and store your data related to events. You can also use MS Excel as a database. It is also rich in financial applications and is portable. Working with databases without knowing the know and how of DBMS can be quite daunting, But MS access make it easy for its users to work with tables through self explanatory wizards and templates.
  2. Replace paper based event registration with electronic event registration. Discourage the use of papers at all if possible. Not only this is environmental family but it also eliminates the need of maintaining a record of paper forms and retrieving, scanning and mailing information.
  3. Get a payment gateway on your event website like ‘CCAvenue’ and provide various form of electronic payments mode like payment through credit card, debit card, electronic bank transfer, paypal etc. This method simply speeds up the whole process of collecting payments.
  4. Say goodbye to manual reporting and get fully customizable readymade reports with unlimited reporting capabilities through event management softwares.

Corporate Events Tips

July 14, 2009

Corporate events are type of events which are organized for companies to carry out their meetings, incentives programs, team building and management exercises, sales programs, organizational development, improving teams’ productivity, maintaining harmonious work environment etc in a professional and efficient manner.  If you wish to break up the monotony of a long training program or a meeting, then induce some fun elements in your event like a dance off, lip syncing contest, picnic, outdoor /indoor games etc.  Hiring an industry expert as a speaker for your next event is a good idea. Often such experts are equipped with up to date info on team building, incentives programs etc and can provide un-biased advice and approach to solve a particular problem. Sometimes stand up comedians do wonder in a corporate event and help in removing barriers among co-workers through their light hearted activities.

Music plays an important role in an office party and so is the theme. According to a latest research theme parties are all the rage these days in corporate world. Your theme can be of a gangster, pirates, wizards etc.  DG dance parties are also very popular but are not generally liked by people of all age groups. So to make it work, hire a DJ/musician who can play different type of music that appeals to employees of all ages.